Cathy Nanzala

Cathy Nanzala

We often listen and consider what others have to say about us and the world around us, but we often forget about ourselves and how we feel about things and how we would like them to be.

God was not sleeping when he gave each one of us a brilliant brain, a warm heart and a dynamic body. He had a purpose for doing so. And we need to appreciate that we are our own individuals and that we are the driver’s seat of our own lives. We need to define our own play grounds and the kind of games to play.

We cannot try to be what other people expect or wish us to be. The best gift to ourselves and others is being who we truly are. Happiness is self defined and no one can define for you what makes you happy and what cant, you are the only person who knows you better, who knows what counts and what doesn’t count; what is important and what is not.

We may be lost in groups of friends as we drink and chink jokes in the name of having fun but the truth is that this is all it can be, When all is said and done, we are still our own selves and we go back home or to our own respective places not as a group but as oneself which is me myself and I.

No one can think for me, no one can live my life for me and therefore no one has the right to decide and define what is and what should be in my life. We have got to take the steering wheel, change the gear whenever need arises and step on the accelerator for the speed that we want our lives to take.

Whoever said that you cannot please everyone in the world was right. We try so hard yet we fail with heart breaks and disappointments but we still never learn. 

It’s good to listen to what other people say, to seek advice and be open minded but most importantly it’s good to be real to yourself and live your own life as you want to. So often when we listen to several voices and advices we get more confused instead of finding clearer direction. Which direction have you taken? For me, I am turning right and following the direction below: