One Billion Mangos from Burkina Faso

One Billion Mangos from Burkina Faso

One Billion Mangos from Burkina Faso

By / Agriculture / Wednesday, 24 May 2017 16:55

After he became President at the tender age of 34 years old, Thomas Sankara continued living the same simple life he had lived before he became president and demanded the same from his cabinet ministers. He was not just being sentimental when he said severally that ‘I want people to remember me as someone whose life has been helpful to humanity.’

During the brief years of his tenure, he oversaw the planting of ten million trees and articulated the need for his country and Africa as a whole being able to feed itself.

One of the ways that Burkina Fasso can remain true to this legacy is by producing sufficient mangoes for its 19 million people and for Africa’s one billion people. If every mango fetched one dollar, the country would make one billion dollars. But how can one mango be sold for one dollar when it usually fetches one fifth of that? Through value addition.

The first value addition involves better storage so that raw mangoes can lost longer in order to facilitate export to far-off markets within and without Africa.

Burkina Fasso’s mangoes should then be processed into diverse mango products including: mango juice, mango jam, mango candy, dried mango flakes, mango powder, mango jam and mango wine. The secret of selling these products at the best possible market price entails world-class processing that meets the high standards in the global market.  

Burkina Faso is a long distance behind India which is the leading mango exporter globally. But with innovative approaches and smart marketing, it can punch above its weight and become a leading mango exporter.

For this to happen, the country’s leaders and people simply have to ask themselves this question, ‘what would it take for us to produce one billion mangoes that will fetch a revenue of one billion dollars?’

The answers to this question will contain principles whose application will be financially revolutionary to the country’s entire agricultural produce.


DJ Bwakali

DJ Bwakali

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