My Precious Flower Deanne

My Precious Flower Deanne

My Precious Flower Deanne

By / Life / Friday, 20 July 2018 15:14

Indescribable! For having such a special and priceless gift from God. From the time I conceived you in my womb, it has been a beautiful journey. Exactly nine months one day I carried you inside me, I fell in love with you from the first day. As you grew by day our bond became stronger. The journey we had together will be treasured in my heart forever. The little kicks communicated volumes, while the cravings and morning sicknesses I had combined with hormonal imbalance were such a roller-coaster but I definitely knew I was waiting for a beautiful gift.

It was indeed a new dawn, on 9th June 2015. At exactly 6:50 AM I bore my little cherub, Deanne McLynne after the wild nine months wait. The labour was quite long and full of anxiety but finally it was all over with Deanne safely on my sweet embrace into this new world.

Her first cry after she took in her first breath was the most special feeling I have ever felt; at that point in time I really longed to hold her in my arms and comfort her. When she was finally placed in my arms I couldn’t help tears of joy from rolling down my cheeks it was indeed a miracle, a beautiful angel she was, calmly sleeping with her fingers clinched together, her eyes closed, so pretty and beautiful.

I loved her even more, she was so special. She slowly opened her eyes and we locked contact for the first time, her eyes so pure full of life and love. She sneaked a sweet smile and she had dimples on both cheeks, a true measure of African beauty. That feeling took me away with lots of smile on my face. My love was finally here with me, safe in my arms.  

I knew from that time I had a special honor of being a mother to such a jewel a hand-picked flower from God. I promised myself to protect, love, treasure her always and forever.

As I looked at her and carried her in my arms warmly wrapped, I felt happy and at peace to have her with me. It was indeed the beginning of a journey with love, longing to see and experience our bond to the fullest as she grows up to become a beautiful lady.

Out of joy and love, I kissed her cheek and whispered special words in her ear in expression for the deep love I have for her. She will always be my special precious jewel, my ruby, and our love will always bloom forever. I love you my princess. Mommy loves you to the moon and back my pretty little miss sunshine. All glory to the Almighty God

Love Mommy.


Anne Kakuvi Ouma Ong'ech

Anne Kakuvi Ouma Ong'ech

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