The Flowing Confidant

The Flowing Confidant

The Flowing Confidant

By / Rivers / Friday, 13 July 2018 08:28

The wake of day brought with it the soothing roar of it. Flowing gracefully downstream, it brought a rhythm that could almost be danced to. From a distance it looked serene and accomplished. Its sight always gave me peace of mind. Its ever clean water was always cool on touching it. It was the river Thuti.

With my calabash on my head and a `karai' full of dirty clothes, I walk towards it that early morning. My mind all occupied and my heart feeling heavy. From a distance I can hear the croaking frogs, each trying to seek attention from their confidant and caretaker. In the early mornings, you could always see them hoping from one point to the other near the river, their habitat season in and out.

With ease, I sit on a large stone by the river. I watch its flow and its surrounding as I empty my `karai' just close to the stone. As I stand by the side of the river stepping on one of the many stones closest to it, I bend to fetch water. My reflection appears on the mighty river. A reflection that reminds me of who I am, reflecting my inner soul. It makes me think about myself intensely.

The touch of an insect from the river distracts me. Almost sliding from the slippery stone, I get a hold of myself on the long ever green grass just by the river. The grass that never dries up as it is watered daily by the permanently flowing river.

As I sit on the stone near my clothes, I can almost see the source of the water in the river. From a distance the Aberdare Ranges lie in order, the sun reflecting gently on them. The trees compete with each other for the sunshine, almost covering the hills from a vicinity. A sight worth admiration from anyone.

As I wash my every garment, the rhythm of the flowing river brings songs into my mind; Songs of sorrow. With my heavy heart, I cannot help but sing. As if listening to my every word, it carries away my spirit with its flow. A disturbed and restless spirit. It takes me to a world of consolation and joy. The birds from the nearby trees join in my song. As if wiping away my tears, telling me things are going to be okay. The intimate consolation I get from singing to the river brings a smile upon my lips.

Feeling like I had talked to my best friend of all times and despite not getting any response I could feel the peace I had longed for in my entire being.

I get so carried away that I hardly notice time moving so fast. The sun right above my head is the only indication, heating up my very dark hair making me sweat and by this time almost heating up the river somehow. I have to hurry lest I would melt under the scorching sun.

Finishing up I walk to the nearby bushes to hang my clothes to dry. The bushes comprising of short leafy trees and long grass. Home to insects and some small animals. Waiting for my clothes to dry, I sit under the tall trees.

Slowly as the darkness creeps in, the herdsmen drive their cattle to quench their thirst after a long day out in the fields. Women fetch water to take to their homes and others to water the crops in their farms. At the farthest point of the river, the few young boys who cannot stand showering at home. And it is clear that the great Thuti River is a flowing saviour for the people of my village. Bringing everyone peace and reason to smile each day.

And as I walk home that evening, I feel at peace deep inside; at peace with myself and the whole world. I may not have talked to anyone but the flowing giant became a source of consolation for me. It gives me enough reason to smile once again. With each day that passes I am thankful to the river that always gives an open ear to all my problems not bothered by how huge and complicated they sound.


Esther Wachira

Esther Wachira

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