Sagana River's Unending Flow



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Sagana River's Unending Flow

Sagana River's Unending Flow

By / Rivers / Friday, 13 July 2018 08:31

Who wouldn’t stare at the beauty of a river flowing ceaselessly, without end as though on a no return mission?

I remember it like it was just yesterday. I decided to take a nature stroll, to have my senses excited. I love nature! I’m a nature lover so to say. Everything did excite me this day, but not as much as having been at the presence of the Sagana River!

I decided to just sit by it and just watched silently as it flowed. It had been a rainy season however, so I’d say it was overflowing.. As I sat down and just watched the violent movement of the no return mission flow, I began to get so curious. The river flowed with such great intrinsic motivation.

I really wanted to find out, in my lonely stroll, where Sagana came from and where was flowing to. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but have all cats died in their quest to find out? A river that raises a brow and juggles one’s mind is sure enough a thing to fall in love with. We all want to find out more.

In my curiosity, I arose from my sitting position where the grass was all so green. The greenness brought out the beauty around the river. All this reminded me of a little lovely song I’d sing during my primary school days, so that I’d make you understand that there’s life near a source of water. Not just a source of water but the mysterious Sagana! Here I go:

 ‘I saw a tree by the riverside, one day as I walked along, straight as an arrow and pointing to the sky, growing tall and strong. (Curiosity). ‘How did you grow so tall and strong?’ I said to the riverside tree, this is the song that my tree friend sang to me.

‘I’ve got roots growing down to the waters, and the fruits that I bear is a sign, of life in me. I’m a shade from the hot summer sun burn, and the fruit that I bear is a sign, of life in me. A strong young tree!’

I decided to take the direction of Sagana River. Maybe, just maybe, I would find out the mission it was set for, that it only had to go one direction. So I started my majestic walk, though somehow I had a fearful mindset. The movement was quite violent and loud and here I was, on a lonely stroll. I however told myself that I needed to land to the final destination of Sagana River. I started my walk together with my river friend at exactly midday.

My determination and curiosity was the only thing on my mind. Everything I passed was green and beautiful. Sagana had its magic. I now got to fully understand why my tree friend was so proud of herself at how beautiful she had grown and become. She had been beside a river from birth! Not literally of course.

Dusk was beginning to creep in and I still had not reached the destination of my river friend. I made up mind to walk back home. The journey I had taken was longer than I had imagined it would have been. Curiosity did really kill the cat. Had I continued my journey through to the night, I don’t know what would become of me. Perhaps an animal would attack and kill me, and the statement would be, ‘Curiosity killed Nyambura’.

One thing is for sure though. I had fallen madly in love with Sagana in just a day for two main reasons; first was how it made its flow without looking back. Second was how this river had a way of making everything around it beautiful. That night, Sagana was all on my mind. I could see her on TV, in my plate of food and even felt her in my bed!

I love Sagana River truly!


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