Kenya Gets Climate Change Law

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Kenya Climate Change Working Group Event Kenya Climate Change Working Group Event Photo shared by John Kioli

The Kenya Climate Change Bill 2014 has finally made a vital transition into an Act of the Parliament thanks to President Kenyatta’s assent to the Bill on 6th May.

It is telling that that the Press Release announcing this historic achievement was titled, ‘Revenue allocation Bill signed into law,’ almost as if the signing of the Climate Change Bill was an afterthought. This observation is not meant to cast aspersions to the crafters of the Press Release. Rather it is meant to spotlight the indifferent and dismissive attitude that most people adopt when it comes to climate change. We cannot afford to accommodate this attitude in the implementation of this historic Act.

Kudos to President Kenyatta for assenting to the Bill. Two big pats on the back to the Kenya Climate Change Working Group which steered this process pat and Hon. Ottichilo the Member of Parliament for Emuhaya who midwifed the Bill in parliament during its first dispensation.

Clause 3 (1) of this Act forcefully states that, ‘This Act shall be applied for the development, management, implementation and regulation of mechanisms to enhance climate change resilience and low carbon development for the sustainable development of Kenya.’

Climate change resilience and low carbon development are the key phrases in this clause. It is time for Kenya to roll up its sleeves and completely up its game in these two areas.

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