Negotiating Life's Corners

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We face hurdles in life that make us want to quit, make us cry and wish we were no more but the fact is we are still alive and that alone is something to be grateful for even when life sucks.

The good thing with life is that we cannot predict what the next hour will bring and so having positive attitude towards everything even the negative ones helps us to have the energy to keep going. But when we allow the negativity to rule our minds and emotions then we are likely to be more or less mere spectators of our own lives. There is nothing as bad as knowing that you intentionally wasted your life just because of passive resignation to circumstances.

I have had my own share of  the good and bad times that life has to offer. They have taught me that each moment is predestined to happen just the way it happened and whether we like or not it is what it is and we cannot change it. But we be positive about it. Everything happens for a reason and the secret is getting to know and understand what is the reason for that season. This leaves you with a better understanding and different perspectives about circumstances and situations.

I appreciate spending time alone, to reflect and appreciate myself. Most of us try as much as we can to be busy even when we are not productive, we will do anything to avoid being alone because we fear facing our own shadows, which is a pity. We need time for ourselves so that we can think about things that are happening in our lives and how we can make use of our potential.

We need time to understand our strengths, our weaknesses, our potentials and our challenges. This way, we are able to focus our energy to the most important things because only then can we make the right priorities.

I have made it a routine to take a break and put everything on hold just for a moment. I let me love who I am. I get to appreciate my victories and my obstacles. I cry about the hurts, the pain, the failures, the mistakes and then I take a long breath and let go of the bitter moments. Then with a priceless smile, I think of the things that have made me strong, the things that have brought me joy and self-satisfaction and at that moment even without being in a relationship, I feel loved, I feel a deep appreciation of who I am.


I hold myself so high not  to let unnecessary pride pull me down but to the point that I cannot not afford to let anything or anyone ruin that moment. And by so doing I have learned that I do not need anyone to tell me that they love me for me to feel loved. I can love myself unconditionally and knowing that God loves me just the way I am is all I will ever need.

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