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Africa’s Sustainability Through Creativity

About Us

Environmental Africa is an initiative that uses creativity to popularize, enhance and entrench sustainability in Africa. We do this not just by crafting and blasting sustainability stories, but also by working in lockstep with African communities to create sustainable livelihoods amongst them. 

Sustainability is where the environment, economy and society converge. As such, Environmental Africa focuses on all three, with the environment as the point of entry into our quest for the well-being of communities and ecosystems across the African continent.

Simply put, we tell the story of Africa in an honest and simple manner - and create new stories through our innovations in on-the-ground development work.

The story of Africa is captured by the stories from its 54 countries, hundreds of cities, thousands of towns, villages and cultures, and millions of people. The story can best be told through the eyes and voices of African communities themselves. Environmental Africa is a river through which African stories can flow into the broader ocean of humanity. 

Despite its immense diversity, Africa and Africans also have similarities that bind them in common struggles and a common destiny. Across the continent, communities are in search of more sustainable means of existence - and, above all, ownership over these means. Environmental Africa works with these communities directly, adopting a fundamentally collaborative and holistic approach to pinpointing problems and concrete ways forward. In our small way, we empower communities to start writing the next chapter of their story. 

We believe that every story is a potential building block for a more resilient, sustainable and prosperous Africa.

The African story rises with the sun, roars with the lions, flows with the rivers, dances with the cities, resonates with the djembe drums and pours out from the heartbeat of Africans across the continent.

Tell your story. Tell it through the written word, song, dance, art, audio, video or any other creative means that speaks to you. Through Environmental Africa, your story will not just be seen or heard through electronic devices across the world; it will also be shared in community gatherings through the good old-fashioned storytelling format, where it will inform minds and inspire action.

Environmental Africa

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Environmental Africa's Creed

  1. Sustainable livelihoods
  2. Community ownership
  3. Holistic health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual.
  4. Environmental Conservation and restoration.
  5. Social and business innovation
  6. Creative arts and Performing Arts
  7. Results-oriented Pan-Africanism
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