Environmental Africa is an initiative that uses creativity, particularly creative writing to popularize, enhance and entrench sustainability in Africa.


Sustainability is the meeting point of three things – environment, economy and society. In this regard, Environmental Africa focuses on all three with a special emphasis on the environment.


However, in the same way that nature doesn’t exist in isolation, Environmental Africa also tackles stories on the African society and African economy.


Environmental Africa spotlights how people in Africa live through their different cultures; how money is made and lost; how love is found and lost – or kept; the holistic state of the environment and how it can be further nurtured.


Simply put, Environmental Africa tells the story of Africa in an honest, simple and inspirational manner. Because Africa is quite diverse, this story is not singular or simplistic. Rather, the story is diverse, simple, complicated, beautiful and inspirational all at once.


Africa comprises of 54 countries, dozens of cities, hundreds of languages, hundreds of cultures, thousands of towns plus villages and millions of people. The story of Africa therefore, is the story of these countries, cities, towns, villages, cultures and people. This story can best be told by Africans from all these diverse places and cultures.


Despite its immensely diverse nature, Africa and Africans also have multiple similarities that bind them in a common destiny. The story of Africa may be diverse, but it is also a story of united existence and common ground.


Environmental Africa is therefore simply a channel and platform for African writers to channel the voice of their continent and people. In doing this, Environmental Africa seeks to bridge the so-called Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone. This bridge that Environmental Africa is building is anchored in stories from all these places across the continent.


Every story is a building block for this bridge and for a better, more united, more sustainable Africa.


Tell your story because it is Africa’s story.


Your story will inform minds and inspire action.


Tell your story.


The African story rises with the sun, roars with the lions, swims with the ocean, flows with the rivers, dances with the cities, resonates with the jembe drums and pours out from the heartbeat of Africans across the continent.


Tell your story. You will not be paid and will therefore gain no money. But you will gain an audience and make an impact. And you will be part of a family of African writers that believe in the power of the written word to make a lasting positive difference.


Everyone has a story to tell. Even if you are not a professional writer, share you story and the family of writers will help you to tell it better and louder.


DJ Bwakali,

Chief Editor, Environmental Africa

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