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Daisy Chepkorir

Daisy Chepkorir

It knocks, you can’t ignore
You try to prepare to embrace it, but somehow there’s no formula
Or a manual
Or even a guide
On how to go about this new season

It’s overwhelming
No idea what to expect
You’re excited and nervous in equal measure
You keep asking, what is this new season going to offer?
Looks too good I need to brace myself
Looks like it asks for an improved version of me
Am I ready?

You look back
And realize there was just such similar seasons
You had your plans, but somehow,
The universe presented even better things

You were disappointed,
Disheartened by the unexpected occurrences
You even cried
You were bitter
You didn’t see any reason for planning anymore
But somehow it was part of your journey
Somehow, in retrospect, makes sense now
Somehow, it was part of the greater good

The key to embracing new seasons
Realizing that whether expected or unexpected
Any stage, occurrence,
Is a part of character development
To the exact, perfect,

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