Organic Dollars are Knocking on Your Door

Here is a shocking truth – One metric tonne of urea costs about US$ 90 in Europe, US$ 500 in Western Kenya and US$ 700 in Malawi. These are not my words. They are on page 260 of the first ever report on the status of the World’s Soil Resources.

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One and a Half Acres of Food and Hope

She sighed. Her rough hands clasped the jembe, hoe in her hands tightly as a rapid song replaced the sigh. Every swing of the jembe was in sync with the fast beats of her song. Her bare feet found solace in the soft, wet loam soil of Butere in western Kenya.

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Ethiopia's Amazing Green Miracle

With a crucifix dangling around her neck and a big smile on her chocolate face, the middle-aged lady from Abrha Weatsbha community in northern Ethiopia clasped a big green mango that she had just plucked from a mango tree in her farm.

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Burkina Faso's Island's of Fertility

As Blaise Compaore, the immediate former president of Burkina Fasso fled his country in a convoy of heavy military escort, he left behind streets full of demonstrators and farms full of uncertainty.

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Bring me my Bananas!

‘Umshini wami mshini wami!’ My machine, my machine.

With his arms outstretched, his fists clenched, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma thunders the powerful words of the iconic song.

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