River Murruny, Pokot Community's Hidden Beauty

River Murruny, Pokot Community's Hidden Beauty

River Murruny, Pokot Community's Hidden Beauty

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As I sit and watch, I thank the Creator for the amazing work of his hands. One river but has all the natural features that come with rivers. One river that very few have heard of and many have never visited.

In the serene environment in the heart of West Pokot county; the amazing River Murruny that’s a source of water for the community and livestock, it’s also used for irrigation by fruit farmers…..has deposits of gold. Who would have imagined one river with so much to offer?

As it creates meanders on the flat land you would think it’s a stream but you never know the beauty that comes with River Murruny   and the mystery that lies on its course. It’s like being on a nature trail, trying to walk down very steep valleys to find out what is at the foot of the valley.

The moment you look over all you see are tall trees with different colors. You might think it’s a shedding as a result of seasonal change but only to your surprise because that’s the natural color of the vegetation despite the seasons. Trees of cannabis sativa fill the banks. The rocks in between dark and smooth small pebbles in the water have lovely shapes that can be used for interior decoration.

As you get to the foot of the valley you hear the sound of water flowing. Here lies a waterfall. It is unbelievable till you see it; a slow flowing river initially with meanders and now a waterfall. The beauty is that River Murruny has 3 beautiful waterfalls and the water is very clean with no pollution from factories. Some might think they are in this epic movie but once you feel the breeze and the wind blowing the water from the falls onto your body is when you realize its reality.

Murruny provides beauty with purpose in a community shunned by society. Shunned as a result of bandits and stories from the dry areas of the county where others die of hunger. The county is large and full of mystery; only those with a passion get to find the beauty that lies underneath all we see in the papers and news. The river is one of the features they leave out because deep down behind the bandits, FGM, drought and cattle rustling there’s some good. A feature so beautiful that can be used as a tourist attraction and the community can benefit from the revenue collected to improve the infrastructure and welfare of those living in that area.

The River supplies water to the schools around Kabichbich, Sigor, Ortum, Kaptabuk, Chepareria and it extends into Turkana County. You never know the value of that river until you go for an escapade, get your thought all lost in the amazing banks of River Murruny, shout and hear your voice echo beyond the valleys.

For the three years I schooled in the county I realized it was the best choice my parent ever made. The chilly mornings and mist covering the hills and the breathtaking sight as you overlook the vegetation that hides the beauty of the mysterious natural feature preserved by the community.

River Murruny banks are home to many wild animals; from the extinct monkey species to gazelles and tortoise. The animals interact with humans since they don’t hunt them down. The River brings together harmony amongst animals and humans. It’s like a blessing in disguise.

Every day the mystery of its source and its destiny leaves me tongue tied. It covers a large area and travels kilometers crosses boundaries. Yet, till now I have never known its destiny but one thing I sought to find was its origin. My curiosity led me to find it.

To all those who love and preserve nature especially when it comes to water bodies, West Pokot County is the place to be. There exists wonderful people and very friendly.  It’s like the land of honey and milk. It takes more than just day to discover and unveil the beauty of the river hidden deep in the valleys but it takes a life time to forget River Murruny.


Lorraine Nyawera Buyayi

Lorraine Nyawera Buyayi

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