Feeling from Sagana River

Feeling from Sagana River

Feeling from Sagana River

By / Rivers / Friday, 13 July 2018 08:39

Water is life, therefore very essential in our lives. But have you ever wondered where water comes from. For many the answer would be yes. From the rain, boreholes, lakes, seas, oceans and RIVERS! However, the main source of water is a River. When I was growing up in the countryside, there was a drought and our only source of water, which was a borehole dried up .We had to look for water and thanks to River Sagana which is a few metres away. For a lake, sea or even ocean to be, there has to be a river! That’s why the only source of water is a RIVER!

And here, my love letter to Beautiful Sagana River begins!

Oh beautiful Sagana River, how I miss your soothing feeling! When I used to stand outside our house which was on top of a hill and watch your waters flow.

The calming feeling you gave me when I had spent hours in the shamba, I would swim in your waters, leaving my body relaxed. How can I even forget the cool feeling your cold waters gave my hot body from the burning sun! How I miss all that!

Do you remember the smile on my lips when I saw hippos and crocodiles swimming in your deepest parts? And the presents we received from white tourists who used to come from far just to watch your beauty?

My generous Sagana River, I will never forget the sweet vegetables my mother used to tend along your banks! And the healthy fish my brother caught from your waters!

How can I even forget the cool breeze you brought into our house on hot disturbing nights?

I will forever be grateful to you!

Here, I put a full stop to my love letter, hoping you have read it!

I hope it brings you to the realization that a river is of significant importance. That is why it is wrong to abuse rivers. We should not take advantage of rivers but we should make use of them. For instance, it is wrong to direct drainage towards a river, you will cause harm to not only the water but also to the aquatic life.

Fertilizers and sprays that run off to rivers also end up poisoning the rivers. Dumping wastes, used garbage, logs, branches, dead bodies or any bulk object in rivers may block water from flowing and end up forming polluted swamps. For those who haven’t seen the beauty of Sagana River, I invite you for a trip. When we reach there, be very careful for the rocks are slippery you might fall into the river, and probably drown if you have poor swimming techniques.

Be careful and always take care of My Sweet Beautiful Sagana River!


Njeri Maina

Njeri Maina

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