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The Keta lagoon is a wetland situated to the east of the Volta river estuary, about 140 km east-northeast of Accra, Ghana’s capital [1]. Take a look at the beautiful scenery of the Keta lagoon above. One would marvel at the variety of birds, trees, insects, fishes, swamps and even grass around the lagoon. 

What drives Aberdares

February 10, 2017

Dipped in deep, pristine evergreen, the misty Aberdare ranges loom over puffed grey clouds below the enormity of blue. 

Biological surveys conducted by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in the late 1980s and early 1990s highlighted the strong biological wealth of the Tri-National Landscape of the Sangha region threatened by uncontrolled logging and illegal hunting activities for commercial purposes.

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradations are increasingly occurring, and this endangers human health and possessions. As a senior living organism which governs and takes control over the nature, human being is associated with most of physical and biological changes that appear on the earth.

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