True Leadership is Servant Leadership

They Just Need One Thousand Dollars to Stop the Smoke

If you are twenty-five years old and below, then John Kioli was already striving to make this world a greener place when you were still a child. For almost two decades, he has been the CEO of Green Africa Foundation, an organization that is on the frontlines of ensuring that Kenya adapts to a changing climate.

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The Green Billions Haven't Reached Kenya's Wasini Island

If you visit the three-roomed, brick-walled house of forty-year old Muhammadi Musa, you will escape the island humidity thanks its cool grass-thatched roof. But you will not be able to escape the rolling waves of giggles from Nasra, his three-year old daughter. She is the last of his six children and has sparkling brown eyes that you will want to paint even if you are not an artist.

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The Climate Journey of Africa's Youth

My right hand remained clasped around the long, slender glass that was now empty after I had gulped the orange juice in it in one long gulp. The weather in Accra was so hot. I needed a refill.

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Art Unites

My brown eyes are brimming with joy. It is partly because of Shaimaa the young Egyptian lady who has become my sister for the three days that I have been in Cairo. She is one of those people who are born with joy on their forehead.

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