The Beach of Joy

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I stood quietly in the soft grass on the edge of the beach and watched quietly as the sun crept along the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Blue was everywhere. Above was the soft blue of the sky.

In front of me was the dark blue of the ocean. Far away on the horizon, I could see gentle waves dancing in silent rustles towards me. I breathed in deeply and opened my arms wide as I pretended that the waves were eager to race towards me and jump into my embrace.

I heard a sound. It was like a bird but quite soft. It filtered into my ears from above me, causing me to glance upwards. Apart from the vast, blue sky, I couldn’t see anything else up there. So where was that sound coming from? Soft like a bird’s chirp and calm like a… ‘Breeze!’ I whispered. It was a breeze. I closed my eyes and moved my head slowly, from side to side. It felt as if the morning breeze was gently pushing and pulling my head from right to left.

After a few blissful moments, the gentle push and pull became stronger as the breeze began transitioning into a serene wind. As if on cue, my eyes fluttered open and cast a long gaze at the waves. Their jog had become a sprint leaving rough waters in their wake. At that moment, I heed the call of the ocean and began a slow stride from the edge of the beach towards the ocean.

Although still on dry sand, I could already feel the wet water encircling my ankles. As the salty wind enveloped my face, I closed my eyes gain but continued walking. One step at a time, one breath at a time, I approached the Indian Ocean.

My bare feet were gently pressing into the soft beach of Lamu Island, in the Lamu archipelago, leaving behind a zig-zag pattern of my footsteps. Like continuous rows of the letter Z, the footsteps pattern descended along the gentle incline that I was walking on.  Another gust of wind blew onto my face, swinging them open.

My eye pupils, brown like some of the bigger sand particles beneath me, registered a gigantic wave that had begun forming on the horizon. It had the outlines of a great racing horse and dazzling beauty of a zebra. I could almost feel its watery gallop as it leapt back into the depths and emerged a few metres ahead. Hot on its heels was another even bigger wave whose roar whose roar mingled with the wind to form an ocean orchestra of divine music.

I don’t remember how I ended up on my knees. But I do recall stretching out my arms again and diving into the ocean to give the ocean a hug. As I swam towards the embrace of the galloping waves, smile on my face was wider than the sky above me.

The embrace when it came left me with deep sighs of joy. 

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