Botswana's Fertile Desert

At that early morning hour before the cock’s crow rents the air, Xana cries. No one sees his tears but when the sun rises, everyone sees the resigned look in his brown eyes. Since the late 90s, he lives in a government resettlement camp on the edge of Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

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Is God Green?

Since those joyous days of my childhood when every game unlocked the gates of heaven for me, I have been to church many, many, many times. I can remember sermons on repentance when I was reminded to repent or face damnation. I repented.

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Green and Innovative Solutions to Nairobi’s Transport Nightmare

Nairobi’s transport has arrived at a crossroads that is literally a life and death matter. To the left is Beijing with its skyscrapers and ocean of cars while to the right is Lamu Old Town with its actual ocean and hundreds of donkeys. 

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