True Leadership is Servant Leadership

Uniting Africa's Renewable Energy Journey

When Mr and Mrs Anthony Ighodaro touched down in Munich Germany in 1997, they were excited about this new chapter of their lives. The move from London to Munich was necessitated by Mrs Ighodaro’s new assignment to help in setting up a joint telecoms venture.

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The Green Pyramids of Egypt

Wow,’ these word silently escaped from my lips as I wiped my forehead and continued gazing at the great pyramid of giza, also known as the pyramid of Khufu. The sun was out in full blast and tourists were milling all around me.

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The Africa I see - Mwalimu Nyerere

‘The history of the world is but a biography of great men.’ These words were uttered by Thomas Carlyle, the nineteenth century Scottish historian. Going by these words, the history of East Africa in particular and Africa as a whole is, to a huge extent, a biography of great leaders like Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Tanzania’s first president.

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Meet Kijuma, Lamu's Legenderay Writer, Carver and Musician

Muhamadi bin Abu Bakari aka Kijuma. This is the name of a man who is Kenya’s answer to Leonardo da Vinci, the legendary Italian polymath, a person who is skilled in many things. Leonardo was a painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, astronomer, cartographer, botanist, historian and writer.

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To Wangari Maathai - Thank You

On the morning of 24th September 2011, the world woke up one morning to the sad and tragic news that Professor Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist, human rights activist and Nobel Peace prize winner passed away the previous night at about 10 PM in Nairobi hospital.

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