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Two Suspects Arraigned in Court for Illegal Possession of Leopard Skins

Wonders will never cease. Unfortunately, the last week of November 2017 brought a tragic wonder to the Kibera Law Courts in Nairobi.Two elderly men were arraigned before a Kibera court for being in illegal possession of two leopard skins with a street value of Ksh. 200, 000 ($2,000) each.

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How Elephants and Communities Can Take Care of Each Other

Imagine if President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Ali Bongo of Gabon, Ian Khama of Botswana and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda formed a club known as the ‘People Club.’

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The Silent Roar of Africas Lions

On Friday March thirteenth this year, a lion’s roar was heard in Melbourne Australia. The silent roar was heard during the global march for Lions at Melbourne’s Federation Square. The roar didn’t come from an actual lion but from Greg Hunt, Australia’s then Environment Minister.

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Kenya Races After Its Wildlife

After winning the finals of the 800 metres at the Rio Olympics, David Rudisha, or King David as he is affectionately referred to in Kenya, lifted his hands to the high heavens. He didn’t smile just yet. But his eyes were surreal.

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The Crying Lions of Benin

When a King sheds tears, an entire country weeps. These words underscore the plight of Benin’s environmental kingdom. The West African lion has roamed Benin’s rugged terrain since the days of the Dahomey Kingdom centuries ago.

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The Buffalo Soldiers of Boni, Kenya

The night was pitch dark and the road was chronically bumpy. Unlike me, my brother Msonobari is a fast driver and was hurtling down the murram road as if he was practicing for the Safari rally. I was leaning on the cold window, half-asleep.

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